Madame 'Gigi' Gazelle is an supporting character in Peppa Pig. She is the teacher of Peppa's playgroup.

Appearance Edit

She is a pale tan gazelle with a wrinkled appearance, being older. She has pale pink cheeks and dark pink lips. She wears pale blue-grey makeup. Her nose is pale brown, and on top of her head are two black horns. She wears black shoes and a dark mauve dress. It could be possible if she is based on a Speke's Gazelle, Impala or even a Sprinkbok.

Personality Edit

Madame Gazelle is very kind with the children, but she is also stern with them and will keep them in order. She is regarded as a great teacher by many, and loved by all. She has a surprising interest in things that wouldn't be expected; like playing in a band known as The Rocking Gazelles. She also enjoys going for a swim in freezing water, and was a champion skier in her younger days. She makes it clear who her favorite students are.

Episode Appearances Edit

Series 1 Edit

  1. "The Playgroup" (debut)

To be worked on

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Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, she does not have a reflection, which is even noticed by the narrator. Despite causing the audience to assume that she is a vampire, she can stand under daylight.
  • Her first name was revealed in "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party."
    • The same episode also reveals she has relatives, and also used to play in a band named "The Rocking Gazelles."
  • She and Auntie Dottie are the only characters whose first names were revealed.
  • She can play both electric and acoustic guitars, as shown in many episodes.
  • Her name is a pun on "mademoiselle," due to her having a French accent.


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