The Playground is the forty-forth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa and George go to the playground where Peppa's friends are also there. George however is afraid of the equipment due to his fear of heights.

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One bright sunny day, everyone is playing outside. Candy and Pedro are on the flaming frame, while Danny, Suzy, and Rebecca play on the slide, and Peppa is on the swing. She asks Mummy Pig to push her and claims she wants to go really high, and keeps asking to be pushed higher. But she gets off when George wants on, then offers to push him. Mummy Pig warns her to push George gently, but when she doesn't; he begins to cry until Mummy Pig picks him up. She scolds Peppa for being careless, but Peppa and George head over to the climbing frame to find Suzy and Danny there. 

They all take turns on the tire swing, and when Peppa jumps through it, she swings; only to realize that she is stuck. Everyone can't help but laugh, but she doesn't find it amusing. Daddy Pig claims that it looks funny, and everyone lines up to pull her out. They cheer and Daddy Pig asks George if he wants to play on the climbing frame, and while initially for it; he starts to cry again after Daddy Pig puts him on it. They then suggest going to the slide and everyone lines up to ride it.

First, Peppa, Suzy, Danny, Candy, Rebecca, and Pedro go down it. But when it is George's turn, he starts to get nervous. George then starts crying again, and Daddy Pig offers to help him get down, but in the process he gets stuck. All of the children line up and together they are able to shove him onto the ground, and as they slide down they use him to bounce on. In the end, George decides that he likes to bounce on Daddy Pig's tummy and everyone watches as he has fun.


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  • This is the 14th, 15th, and 16th times where George cries.
  • This episode reveals that George is afraid of heights, like Daddy Pig.
  • This is the first episode to feature Mummy Dog.
  • This is the first episode where George cries more than once.

Goofs Edit

There Is no way a two year old would be scared to go on a slide George should of did before but why does he go on one playground eqquitment.